Properly storing password (Hashing and Salting)

Passwords should never have been stored as plain text, but they were and when databases were compromised there was no protection. Then again people shouldn't reused passwords but they do, all the time. However with services likeĀ LastPass, 1Password and iCloud keychain hopefully people will start to shift away from reusing simple passwords. Regardless we as developers should err on the side of caution and always ensure that when we store passwords it's in a way that prevents anyone who would happen to get them to use them maliciously.

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My Thoughts


Firewatch received a lot of hype, and I'm very happy to say it turned out to be justified. It was exactly what I wanted it to be, a beautiful and fun game. One of the very cleaver and fun things in it is when your character finds a disposable camera the game allows you to take pictures, all be it a limited number of them. Once you finish the game it allows you to upload these images and generates a unique link to view them online, this is mine. however after playing the game once I found myself wishing there was a new game+ option where your character had brought his own camera allowing you to take photos from the start. In order to do this myself I played the game again and simply took screenshots, I also removed the very minimalist UI as best I could and posted them here.

A very special woman in my technology history

With all of the talk about women in technology, I wanted to talk about a very important woman in my computer programming history, my mother.

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Generally I introduce myself as a developer, realistically I'm more then that but at the end of the day technology in all it's forms is my true passion.

Currently my employer has me working more as a Business/Systems Analyst and that doesn't fit my career goals, so looking to change that.

So if you browse my site and like what you see or have questions feel free to contact me.

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